Dog wearing glasses

Back to (Obedience) School

It’s back to school season, although this year’s version looks remarkably different from any other transition from summer to fall that we can remember. Classes from Kindergarten to college have begun meeting, either in-person, online or in some combination. More changes could be on the way if COVID-19 cases increase and those meeting face to…

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golden retriever

Labor Day: Working Pet Safety into Your Plans

Labor Day weekend is often considered the unofficial end of summer. With all the uncertainty and stress from the Coronavirus pandemic this year, Labor Day also represents a final opportunity to seize some summer refreshment and fun before facing the “new normal” of the fall season, whatever that ends up looking like here in Sugar…

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red dog

Caring for Adopted Pets in Sugar Land TX During COVID-19

If you decided to foster or adopt a pet during the Coronavirus crisis, you’re not alone. Animal shelters and rescue groups across the country have reported a significant increase in the number of pet adoptions and foster agreements since March when stay-at-home-orders went into place across most of the country. Many families who had thought…

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dog riding car

A Day on the Road with Lone Star Pet Lodge’s Pet Pick Up and Delivery Service

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Today is my favorite. Mom said I get to go play with my friends at dog daycare here in Missouri City, TX. I can’t wait! We run around and sniff and jump and play all day long. Sometimes we just chill out or go swimming. When I get home,…

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Puppy in owners lap

Are Sugar Land Pets Better Co-Workers?

Five Traits to Help You Decide Think back to all the jobs you’ve had in your life, from the early days as a camp counselor or burger flipper, to more professional or entrepreneurial endeavors further along in your journey. Chances are, the traits and influence of your co-workers had a huge impact on your job…

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