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Professional Dog Training in the Sugar Land, TX Area

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Professional Dog Training

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Obedience Training


Hybrid Approach
Lone Star Pet Lodge believes in communication between owner and pet! We work to get to the core of the problem, and once discovered, provide guidance and training that is bespoke to each family and each situation, bridging the gap between pet and pet parent.

Behavioral Problem Solving
Our goal is to assist in teaching your pet how to be a well-mannered member of your family. Our trainers are skilled in working with minor behavioral issues such as jumping and barking to more difficult such as destructive chewing, house breaking, and social behaviors.

Specialty Training
Lone Star Pet Lodges offers a wide variety of training. Our trained behaviorists are skilled in many areas of canine behavior. We can assist with aggression, separation anxiety, dog aggression, and much more. All of our trainers are certified through AKC to certify their students for the CGC certification and Urban CGC.

Professional Dog Training

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Day Care and Train:

Does your dog love to play but have some training issues that need to be addressed?

We offer a day camp and train package for those dogs that qualify. Your dog will play all day with their friends in our day camp and three times a day will be worked with our training on items that need to be addressed.

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Day Care and Train

Professional Dog Training

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Van Services Available

Try our convenient Pet Pick-up and Delivery Services starting at $10 per 5 miles*

Schedules can get hectic. Let Lone Star Pet Lodges’ transportation take one more thing off your plate. We can safely and conveniently transport your pet to and from their fun getaway. Call us today for more details.

*Additional $1 per mile after 5mi.