Dog Training Policies

Deposit and Cancellation Policies

We require a deposit equal to fifty percent (50%) of your pet’s estimated training charges to confirm for each reserved room. Your deposit will be processed at the time you make your pet’s reservation, and will be applied to your total bill upon check-out.

We have a five-day minimum cancellation policy. For example, if you are scheduled to arrive on a Friday, you must cancel by the prior Sunday at Close of Business in order to obtain a deposit refund. You do not have a confirmed reservation until your deposit is received.

Vaccination Requirements – Training at the Lone Star Facility

Dogs being trained on-site at the Lone Star Pet Lodges of Missouri City state-of-the-art training facility must be up-to-date on the following vaccinations:

Bordatella (Every 6 Months), DHPP and Rabies

For your convenience we sell and administer the Intranasal Bordatella Vaccine

To expedite your check-in at time of arrival for training, please have your veterinarian fax your pet’s vaccination records to us as soon as you reserve your pet’s private training lesson or training class. make your reservation. Our fax number is (281) 403-7701. All pets must be flea-free upon arrival. If fleas are found, your pet will receive a CAPSTAR flea control pill and flea bath to ensure that all fleas are eliminated and an associated charge will apply. WE CANNOT ACCEPT YOUR PET WITHOUT PROOF OF REQUIRED VACCINATIONS.

Check-in & Check-out Time – Training

Your pet may check-in or check-out during any of our hours of operation. You will incur a charge for the day your pet checks-in regardless of the check-in time. Check-outs after noon (12pm) will be charged for that day’s stay as that enclosure is not available for another guest for that day. We recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the closing time on the day you are picking up your pet.

There is a two-day minimum charge for any visit that includes a Friday or Saturday overnight. During holidays there is a three-day minimum charge for any visit that includes the holiday.

Food & Personal Items – Training

Our facility proudly serves Purina Pro Plan Chicken & Rice dry food for cats and Purina Pro Plan Lamb & Rice for dogs. We will be happy to feed your food that you bring with your pet at no additional charge provided it is bagged by individual serving.

If your pet’s diet consists of food that requires special preparation such as cooking, heating or adding broths, you will be charged $5.00 per day for the food preparation.

You may bring up to 2 (two) personal items for your pet. All of our enclosures are furnished with automatic waterers, raised custom beds with SSS pet mattresses or raised areas and a fleece blanket. Bringing your pet’s personal bed is not required. Please let us know if your pet chews bedding so we can remove the bedding from the enclosure. You will be charged for any sheet, liner, mattress cover or fleece that your pet chews or otherwise destroys.


We will be happy to administer any required medications, including insulin shots, to your pet for a nominal fee. Insulin must be accompanied by an appropriate syringe for each scheduled insulin shot. When you make your reservation or check-in your pet, please be sure to provide us with specific and detailed information related to doses, frequency, etc. for administration of any required medications.

Intact Males & Females in Heat

We accept Intact Males of any age for Training. We DO NOT accept females in heat for Training. If your pet goes into heat during her stay, she will be moved to Female in Heat Lodging and you will be notified to pick your pet up until her heat cycle is completed. The associated Lodging, Isolation & Cleaning fees will apply for the remainder of the stay.

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To start, our quality service is consistently delivered. Our state-of-the-art facility has been carefully designed by long time pet owners to offer a full menu of Lodging, Grooming, Training and Doggy Daycare amenities at prices you can afford. Together with convenient 7 day-a-week* extended store hours, our facility design ensures that your pet’s experience at Lone Star Pet Lodges will make both you and them anxious to return