Obedience Training

You and Your NEW GENIUS will be the envy of all your friends!

Here at Lone Star Pet Lodges of Missouri City and Sugar Land, we believe that every dog with some type of obedience training is a happy dog. Obedience training allows us to better communicate with our pet companions as well as strengthen our bond through developing an understanding of each other.

Whether you are just getting started with your new pup, or wanting to compete in your favorite dog sport, we have the training program to help you succeed. Call today for a FREE EVALUATION where we will meet with you and your pet one-on-one, and customize a curriculum that will meet your needs, the needs of your pet and fit your daily lifestyle.

We have many different options for OBEDIENCE TRAINING which include Puppy Imprinting, Puppy Learn-N-Play, Group Classes, Private Lessons at the Lodge Facility, In-Lodge Training, and Doggy Daycare & Train.

A key element that sets us apart from most training facilities is that instead of being boarded in an open-air kennel during his or her training stay, your pet will enjoy the climate controlled comfort of our 14,000+ square foot state-of-the-art boarding facility. Our pets are extended members of our families. They live in our houses alongside us and our children. Let your pet enjoy that same level of comfort while in training that he or she would enjoy at home. All while you enjoy the peace of mind knowing your extended family member is staying with us!


Program Duration: 2 Weeks (5 Days per Week)

PUPPY IMPRINTING is one of the most important processes in your puppy’s life. When dogs are between the ages of 3 weeks to 6 months old they are learning life-long lessons that they will carry with them through adulthood. Get a head start with Lone Star Pet Lodges’ PUPPY IMPRINTING TRAINING PROGRAM!

This program includes Clicker Conditioning, Crate Training, Promoting Good Manners and Decreasing the Attempt of Bad Behaviors. Also included is the start of BASIC OBEDIENCE where we start your puppy responding to the clicker by practicing Sits, Downs, Walking on a Loose Leash and Fun Recalls (Come Back). This program typically takes 2 weeks with your puppy staying here at our state-of-the-art Lodge or with you dropping off and picking up your puppy every day and taking your new companion home to spend the night.

The cost includes Boarding, Training and Feeding your new puppy as well as a One-on-One “Go Home Lesson with our Trainer where you will learn how to work with your puppy to get the responses you desire. This is a wonderful program for new puppy owners and allows you to start your new puppy off on the right paw – so to speak.

NOTE: This class is for puppies 8 weeks to 5 months old – no prerequisite.


Program Duration: 4 Weeks (1 Night per Week / 30 Minutes per Night)

This is the most important stage in your puppy’s life. Why not get your puppy started out on the right paw with this fun and informative series. These classes will show your pup different situations that he will encounter as an adult, and make them positive experiences from the beginning.

PUPPY KINDERGARTEN includes socialization and games, as well as teaching your puppy how to learn! Basic care skills, as well as confidence building is also a part of this fun and energetic class. PUPPY KINDERGARTEN will also create the building blocks to make training and communication easier and more successful as as your puppy goes through life.

NOTE: This class is for puppies 8 weeks to 5 months old – no prerequisite.


Program Duration: 6 Weeks (1 Night per Week / 45 Minutes per Night)

With our BASIC OBEDIENCE TRAINING your pet will learn leash manners such as no jumping and no pulling, as well as formal commands such as sit, down, place (place boundary stay), heel, and the beginnings of a recall (here or come). Teach your dog to respond positively in real life situations.

Use experience proven techniques, which will provide you with practical, motivational and results-oriented skills to educate your dog. Stop your dog from bolting through doorways, nuisance begging at the table and more in just six weeks!

Learn how to teach your dog to come back when called, walk on a loose leash, sit, down and stay in position (sit, down and place boundary stay). Learn how to prevent or stop jumping up, barking when the doorbell rings and more!

In this class we will also take our real-life situations and incorporate distractions into our training so that your pup understands that SIT MEANS SIT!

At the completion of this class, you and your canine pal will be well on the road to kaing loud noises, food, other playmates and movement a distraction of the past.

NOTE: This class is for dogs 6 months and older – no prerequisite.


Program Duration: 4 Weeks (1 Night per Week / 30 Minutes per Night)

Everyone wants a reliable four-legged friend off leash. Achieve that right here at Lone Star Pet Lodges with our ADVANCED OBEDIENCE TRAINING PROGRAM! In this class, our trainers will make the transition from On Leash to Off Leash Obedience a smooth and consistent one. Work with long lines, tab leashes and distractions! Enjoy the freedom that your pup wants too!!

NOTE: This class is for dogs 6 months or older and the prerequisite is INTERMEDIATE OBEDIENCE or Instructor Approval.


Program Duration: 45 Minutes per Lesson

When you pre-pay for a block of 5 lessons, you automatically receive a 6th lesson absolutely FREE! Our PRIVATE LESSON PROGRAM can be utilized to complete any of our Obedience Training Programs described above or you can use it for AGILITY TRAINING – just click here to go to our AGILITY TRAINING information page for more details.

You and Fido not into Group Classes? Wanting one-on-one customized instruction at your own pace from a professional dog trainer? No Problem!

Thanks to our PRIVATE LESSON PROGRAM, you can schedule your lessons to allow you and your pet can maximize your time! Our great trainers will customize a program AND schedule to fit your hours!


Program Duration & Cost Based on Pet Need – Please Call for a FREE Evaluation!

In order to change a dog’s behavior one must understand the processes of how dogs learn. Methods used here at Lone Star Pet Lodges include Operant Conditioning as well as Counter Conditioning and Desensitizing. We offer solutions to Aggression, Jumping Up, Nuisance Barking, Digging in the Yard, House Soiling, and Separation Anxiety. Contact us today to get your pet the help it deserves!

If you are interested in enrolling your dog in one of our OBEDIENCE TRAINING PROGRAMS, would like to receive a FREE EVALUATION of your dog or if you just want more information, you can contact the training department at our Missouri City Lodge at (281) 403-7700 or send an e-mail with your questions and/or your pet information to lsplmocity@lonestarpetlodges.com and someone will respond to you during our normal business hours.
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Hours of Operation

For your convenience, following are the Hours of Operation for Pet Drop-off and Pick-up except major holidays that include New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day:

Day of the Week Hours
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Sunday 10:00am to 6:00pm

Our Doggy Daycare Coordinators are still here for our normal extended hours and are busy caring for our holiday overnight guests.

Grooming and Bathing

We are open for Grooming and Bathing by appointment 7 Days-a-week with drop-offs preferred from:

Day of the Week Drop-Off Time
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To start, our quality service is consistently delivered. Our state-of-the-art facility has been carefully designed by long time pet owners to offer a full menu of Lodging, Grooming, Training and Doggy Daycare amenities at prices you can afford. Together with convenient 7 day-a-week* extended store hours, our facility design ensures that your pet’s experience at Lone Star Pet Lodges will make both you and them anxious to return