Pet Grooming

Professional Pet Grooming for Your Furry Friend

Clean and fluffy pets get more love and cuddles! We offer a variety of pet grooming options, from luxurious baths to professional coat styling, we have it all! Get your furry friend a breed standard haircut or a whimsical new look!

Bulldog getting a manicure
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Poodle mix getting a haircut

While your pet is at Lone Star Pet Lodges, they will enjoy wonderful grooming and bathing services, including:

  • Quality, breed specific grooming – all done to your specific liking
  • Premium bathing services including:
    • Therapeutic skin conditioning treatments
    • Customized skin and coat care options
    • Specialty shampoos and seasonal scents
    • Coat and skin treatments to reduce shedding
    • Nail trims including nail filing
  • Specialty shampoos and seasonal scents
  • Coat and skin treatments to reduce shedding
  • Nail trims
  • Much, much more!



We’ve got a full-time experienced groomer for all your pet’s pampering needs. Call today to schedule an appointment!

Book Your Pet’s Grooming Appointment Now at Lone Star Pet Lodge's Bluebonnet Spa!

Our groomers specialize in rare breed grooming and we always use specialty shampoos and conditioners, ensuring that your dog or cat leaves Lone Star Pet Lodges feeling like they just spent a day at the Spa!

The Bluebonnet Spa provides your pet with a professional and relaxed environment. We utilize state-of-the-art, computerized drying enclosures and hand fluff drying as an alternative to cage dryers. We only use top of the line shampoos and conditioning products in our HydroSurge bathing system.

At the Bluebonnet Spa, our full-service grooming packages include a soothing bath, hand drying, nail trim, ear cleaning, and a hair trim by one of our top-of-the-line groomers. Our Premium Baths include hand fluff drying and brushing, as well as a nail trim and ear cleaning. Our Basic Baths include a thorough bath and dry. You will never be surprised with unexpected charges when you pick up your pet. Conveniently located in Missouri City, TX.

Terrier mix getting a haircut