Cat Boarding

Quality Cat Boarding

Lone Star Pet Lodges is a premier pet boarding facility serving Missouri City and Sugar Land. Due to our recommendations and amenities, we encourage you to contact us directly at (281) 403-7700 or by filling out or reservation request form as soon as possible to ensure your pet’s reservation.

Two kittens on a cat tree
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Vaccination Requirements

The required vaccinations for cats are FVRCP and Rabies.

Check in begins at 1 pm. To expedite your check-in at time of arrival, please have your veterinarian fax your pet’s vaccination records to us as soon as you make your reservation. Our fax number is (281) 677-2164. All pets must be flea-free upon arrival. If fleas are found, your pet will receive a CAPSTAR flea control pill and flea bath to ensure that all fleas are eliminated and an associated charge will apply. We cannot accept your pet without proof of required vaccinations.

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Food & Personal Belongings

Our facility proudly offers Fromm for our dog guests and Fromm Salmon a la Veg for our cat guests for a fee. If your pet has a special diet that requires special preparation, be sure to give us prior notice so that all notes are properly taken to ensure safe-handling of your pets' diet. If at all possible, please ensure your pets' meals are portioned out per meal for accuracy in their feeding and ease for our lodging techs.

You are more than welcome to bring up to two toys, a blanket if you would like, and any treats. Beds or stuffed bedding are not able to be laundered using our in-house equipment and will not be accepted for sanitary reasons. If your pet requires extra padding, we do have blankets and pads we can provide for them. Please understand that our top priority is your pets' well-being, therefore there is a possibility of misplacing their belongings in an effort to sanitize their sleeping arrangements. We cannot be held responsible any misplaced or missing belongings.

Two cats playing on a cat tree
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We will be happy to administer medications while your pet is staying with us. All medications must be in their original bottles and brought with anything that will help your pet take these medications. When you make your reservation or check-in your pet, please be sure to provide us with specific and detailed information related to doses, frequency, etc. for administration of any required medications. Unfortunately, we can not administer any injection or subcutaneous medications or seizure medications.

Cat Boarding Pricing Per Night

  • Standard: $26.50


Schedules can get hectic. Let Lone Star Pet Lodges transportation take one more thing off your plate. We can safely and conveniently transport your pet to and from his/her fun getaway. Call us today for more details.

*Additional $2 per mile after 5mi.

Van Services Available